I love the warmth of raw metal. It desires a little more care than metal that's been plated but I think it's well worth it.

I lacquer my bronze pieces to protect the finish. Sterling silver dulls when lacquered so I wax it instead using a fine coat of Renaissance Wax. If you would prefer your pieces au naturel, please contact me before ordering and I will forgo that step.

To clean your VoXevangeline jewelry, simply wash with warm water and a drop of liquid dish detergent. Rinse thoroughly. I recommend doing this after each wearing. It's like brushing between meals for jewelry. I personally use Joy Lemon Scent but Dawn works well, too. Dry with a soft cloth and then air-dry for approximately 10 minutes. Store in a plastic baggie. The chain, clasp and earwire have not been lacquered or waxed but can be polished separately with a sterling silver polishing cloth to remove discoloration or for extra shine. Do not use liquid polishes as they will remove the patina from antiqued finishes and potentially harm the lacquer or wax finish.

Tarnish is a naturally occurring process in metal. The antiqued finish on sterling silver is actually selective tarnish. Water, chlorine, things that contain sulfur such as salt, perspiration, eggs, onions and cigarette smoke can cause it. I advise you to remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing or washing dishes. Over time, the lacquer or wax may wear on protected pieces and you may begin to notice a slight discoloration, If this occurs, you can simply polish it with a sterling silver polishing cloth, allow an antiqued patina to naturally occur, CONTACT me or email me at VoXevangeline@yahoo.com with your concerns and we can discuss refinishing it. I only ask that you pay for the return shipping to and from my studio. Xo!